Advancing Ghana’s agricultural output through superior infrastructure

Agritop provides bespoke building solutions for the agricultural industry in Ghana. Our services include engineering, design ,construction and professional consultancy for all types of agriculture. Agritop uses its unique knowledge provided by our in-house and out sourced experts in order to deliver agro technology services to Ghana’s farming communities. We at Agritop, take great pride in our capability to overcome the challenges we face and implement our creative solutions based on unrivalled adjustments to the local surrounding and conditions.

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Agritop uses an engineering-led methodology for its agriculture project master planning. Farming construction projects require a combination of water engineering, earthworks and infrastructure skills. Agritop is uniquely placed to provide these services as part of STL.


At this stage, Agritop’s engineers will, using the master plan as a starting point, create a detailed design of the farm, including the required agricultural facilities, landscape development plan and suggested floor levels.


Agritop’s agriculture clients have the benefit of working with a company whose engineers have been successfully delivering large-scale construction projects in Ghana for more than a decade. We have access to experts who provide civil and marine engineering solutions to major organizations.


To encourage the long-term success of a new farming facility, Agritop operates a three-stage operational plan: Project management, Training and technology transfer, Professional and technical support