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 Although Ghana produces sought-after fruits, such as mango and pawpaw, these are not its main export. With 1.6 million hectares of plantation, Ghana is the second largest exporter of cocoa in the world, next to the Cote d’Ivoire. Understandably, then, the ongoing success of cocoa production, harvesting and sales is crucial to the economy. Despite Ghana’s long tradition of growing this crop, it faces challenges such as disease, pests and volatile world markets.

By taking a proactive approach, and dealing with the challenges that are within our control, Agritop believes that every cocoa plantation can thrive. Replacing basic technology and farm practices with efficient agronomic practices (including fertilization, crop protection, etc.), agro-technology (like irrigation / fertigation) training and education, together with effective pruning and  irrigation schemes, are solutions in which we are investing a great deal of effort. Much can also be done post-harvest to improve the quality of the beans and increase the cocoa yield further, which will result in improved living conditions for our cocoa farmers.

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