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Cheap imports are making poultry farming less profitable in Africa. In Ghana, however, this is changing, as our population growth and the earning potential of our citizens are driving up the demand for chicken and egg products.

This has led to a second challenge. Currently, there are insufficient modern broiler houses, hatcheries, feed meals and slaughterhouse to assist the grower’s value chain and to satisfy the country’s consumption of chicken. The main challenge is the high cost of feeding the poultry, as the fluctuation in the price of maize and soy beans grains make it difficult for growers to invest in broilers. Agritop is capable of offering a complete solution for the poultry value chain, from the hatchery that supplies the day old chick through a reliable feed meal source followed by a slaughterhouse and proper refrigerated transportation.


Historically, Ghana had been reliant on imports of dairy products: milk powder for the food industry; UHT milk, cheese and yogurts for consumption. The country is now considering trying dairy farming for the first time, to allow milk to become a constant source of protein for Ghana.

Agritop has the capabilities, skills and experience to be part of the much-needed change in the animal husbandry sector.

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