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There’s huge potential for growth of the fisheries sector through inland fish farming as the marine resource continually depletes.

Private investment and government support for farmers have helped position fishing as a viable industry. Despite these developments, Agritop believes there is more to be done. We cannot ignore that the world’s marine fish sector has reduced significantly and there is an urgent need to increase the inland aquaculture sector. For Ghanaians, particularly in coastal regions, fish is an irreplaceable part of their daily diet and a source of protein.

Aquaculture offers a sustainable method of fish farming that replenishes depleted fish stocks and increases production using smaller amounts of water.  Agritop will be investing in new ways of super-intensifying aquaculture in Ghana. We will advise our clients on all aspects of fish farming, including water treatment, temperature control, harvesting and post-harvesting, cold storage, marketing, and chilled shipping; all with the aim of generating larger amounts of fish sustainably for the increased nutritional and economic well-being of Ghana’s population.


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