Agritop aims to further Ghana’s economic and social progression through a sustainable agricultural industry. With combined expertise in building and advanced farming techniques, we are well placed to achieve this goal. By taking an innovative approach to this time-honored human activity, we are training the next generation of Ghanaian farmers in advanced agrotechnology techniques that combine easily with traditional farming methods.

Certainly, a farming revolution of this scale relies on having the best agricultural machinery and equipment, but it also rests on those involved taking a broad-based approach to innovating the sector. New crops and animals need to flourish alongside established livestock production and crop yield to ensure a sustainable food supply.

We are at the vanguard of an exciting new program of food diversification for transforming Ghana’s agriculture. We have built a training center in Ghana dedicated to agricultural innovation and expansion. We will use STL’s background in knowledge transfer and training to provide services and education that supports a resilient and versatile agricultural environment. To date, Agritop has trained over 80 students in practical agriculture, with a view to recruiting them into Ghana’s greenhouse sector.


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