Our unique position gives us an extraordinary opportunity to deliver technologically advanced farming solutions for Ghana. We offer our clients the reassurance of being a part of STL Group; yet Agritop is a young company, with fresh ideas. Our ambition is to provide a full project management service, covering all aspects of implementing a farming scheme, from inception to delivery. We use our engineering excellence and modern construction methods to provide sophisticated farming solutions through the latest agricultural processes.
Agritop’s consultancy services are supplied by experts who are renowned internationally for advanced farming techniques, agricultural machinery and equipment. We work on a bespoke project basis too, which means clients receive dedicated support from our pool of world-class technical expertise.
Part of the science behind effective agrotechnology is working with technology and building methods that suit the climate and environmental conditions of the desired location. Here, Agritop succeeds by approaching each project afresh. Everything is customized to the project’s eco structure.


This is an exciting time of growth for Africa, and Agritop is passionate about the economic progress of Ghana as part of this expansion. Our response to the increased demand for services is to offer a sophisticated approach to the agricultural industry.

To deliver this vision for Ghana’s future, and for the other African countries we serve, Agritop’s mission is to become a key part of the growing farming industry, providing innovative and high-performing solutions, underpinned by reliable customer service and leading to customer peace of mind.

We share the same values as our parent company STL Group. Service, professionalism, quality, creativity, focus and delivery are at the center of everything we do, and our people actively embrace these values through their hard work and high standards.

As highly trained agricultural experts, we never lose sight of our aim: the economic viability of Ghana through the best use of modern farming techniques.


Agritop complies with STL’s service promise and has established a quality management policy and framework to deliver complete satisfaction to our customers. Our procedures are founded on our knowledge and experience which, together with input from external experts, are adapted to meet local requirements.

Customer service relies on staff morale and Agritop is committed to providing safe and pleasant working conditions for all employees. Employment and training of the local population is a legacy of which STL is very proud. Following this tradition, Agritop has an active recruitment program, through which we aim to improve the quality of life for the local population. We offer on-site training for those who are employed to work on our diverse agricultural projects and, where necessary, we liaise with industry experts to ensure we follow the latest building standards.

Much of Ghana’s modern built environment, including its IT infrastructure and communications solutions, is owed to the technological excellence of STL Group. Now, through Agritop, Ghana’s agricultural industry is also benefiting from the expertise that STL Group has used to transform Ghana’s transport, marine, government and commercial sectors over the last decade.

Headquartered in Accra, STL Group is the parent company of a portfolio of subsidiaries, including Agritop, that provide an extensive range of professional services to Ghana and other African countries:

  • Information and communications technology (ICT) solutions
  • Technically advanced civil and marine engineering services
  • Building supplies and materials for third parties
  • STL-Amandi Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit organization that promotes the education, health and welfare of Ghanaian children
  • Gye Nyame mobile clinic provides psychiatric services and surgical treatments in the Western and Ashanti regions of Ghana.

With STL Group’s diverse range of services behind it, Agritop has access to a wealth of experience, knowledge and shared history that is unrivaled in Ghana. We offer our farming clients the same engineering, construction and technical expertise, plus an understanding of local needs, that our sister companies have demonstrated in developing Ghana over the last decade.STL Group’s significant logistical capabilities, including warehousing, vehicles and equipment, are also at Agritop’s disposal and are of enormous benefit to our operations in the agricultural environment. From our modern logistics base – comprising a 60,000 ft2 warehouse, a 40,000 ft2 workshop and a garage center – we coordinate an efficient supply chain management process to meet our clients’ requirements for procurement, assembly, storage and delivery of materials and supplies.

STL Group is always seeking ways to contribute to the society it serves and in which it operates. Likewise, Agritop follows a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy that encourages the protection of our environment and our communities, and we expect support for this policy from every level of our business.

Agritop holds the protection of the environment as a primary objective of sustainable development. The company is committed to minimizing waste through cleaner processes, and we encourage our employees to share in this responsibility. Our initiatives include:
recycling drainage water, using certified chemicals and fertilizers, sending plastics to a recycling facility and implementing eco-friendly treatments for wastewater and organic matter. We actively seek new ways to work more sustainably; currently, we are evaluating the feasibility of using solar energy as a means of pumping water to farms where there is no electricity infrastructure.


Supporting communities

The STL-Amandi Foundation (SAF) is a Ghanaian registered non-profit organization that has been set up by the STL Group and its dedicated employees to support and promote the education, health and welfare of the children in our communities.
SAF projects include:

  • School renovations
  • Educational support
  • Scholarships
  • Healthcare provision
  • Community empowerment.

Agritop is proud of the CSR contributions SAF has made, and we pledge to continue this support. We are assisting the Project Ten program, which is developing the Winneba district of Ghana through educational, agricultural and public health projects.