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Agritop hands over greenhouse villages to mofa

Agritop hands over greenhouse villages to mofa

Truly, a dream come true – from conception to implementation to completion!!

Five years ago, Agritop began the journey of building a novelty right here in Ghana. This was the Greenhouse Capacity Building and Training Centres (GCBTC), also known as Greenhouse Villages. These three centres in Dawhenya, Akumadan and Bawjiase were the first of its kind anywhere in the world, in terms of delivery of top-notch knowledge and skills to Agriculturists and producing quality vegetables under greenhouse conditions.

Indeed, it has been a worthwhile journey. With lots of breakthrough innovations and practices in these centres, Agritop has brought much hope in the greenhouse sector in Ghana. Today, farmers have a reference, that it is possible to produce quality greenhouse vegetables in Ghana. Not only production, but also this knowledge shared with many, who are using it for the benefit of all.

Agritop has finally handed over these greenhouse centres of excellence to its owners – the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The agenda right from the beginning was to build the capacity of Ghanaians to run these greenhouse centres. In all, 540 youths were trained as part of the project to ensure sustainability and a better future of this project.

Agritop is glad that the government of Ghana embarked on this journey as its fruits are beginning to be seen. One may ask how? And Agritop responds that go to all the major supermarkets and vegetable outlets in the cities, and you will see fresh, quality, healthy vegetables from these three greenhouse centres.

Agritop is proud to take part of Ghana’s exciting Agricultural future.