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Agritop is opening a new greenhouse training center in Akumadan, Ashanti region.

Agritop is opening a new greenhouse training center in Akumadan, Ashanti region.

The Akumadan Training Centre is expected to be COMMISSIONED in July 2019.

The state of the art facility has a thirty-student capacity greenhouse training centre and a 1.5Ha commercial farm. This modern training centre means more individuals with interest in greenhouse farming can enroll in the three-month training program. This centre will specifically benefit students/farmers in the Mid to Northern sectors of Ghana. An additional (third) training center in Bawjiase, central region is expected to be commissioned by Agritop in December 2019.

The three-month practical course will fully equip trainees with the requisite knowledge and skill in modern scientific farming methods. This means more control on the crop’s performance and ultimately better crop yield.

Major crop production areas comprehensively handled in the course include nursery and transplanting, crop protection, irrigation and fertigation, agro-techniques, postharvest and agribusiness. These are done practically to ensure trainees have the hands-on skill to succeed upon completion.

A well-crafted curriculum and learning outcomes ensure progress is followed and any serious farmer can be assured of improved farming outcomes. Graduates have improved agronomic knowledge, exposure to modern technologies and improved farm management skills, thus can benefit from the several Agricultural programs and projects in Ghana.

Together – more farming Knowledge and Skill will lead to increased productivity, resulting in a sustained livelihood for all.

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