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Appreciation message from students of practical agricultural course

Appreciation message from students of practical agricultural course

Our hearts are filled with joy and gratitude as we sit to write these words.

All we say is Ebenezer: “Thus how far the Lord has brought us”. It is the doing of the Lord and it is marvelous in our eyes.

We would first of all like to thank the Almighty for giving us the opportunity to be part of these few chosen ones, though sometimes some of us cannot believe we were part of such a great team.

How can we forget our trainers? Your tremendous efforts and excellent tuition have left an indelible mark in our lives for which many words would not be able to explain it all.

You pushed us to do our best even when we felt exhausted and thought you were pushing us too much. Sometimes we had had enough, only to realize it was just the beginning. You did not only have knowledge, but also experiences as you were all once like us who went through the program.

You took time to build relationships with us, which we believe would last forever.

We have been taught to be good agronomists who would not only grow crops, but would also treat plants well. We have been made better people. Our capacities have been built, raising us from mediocrity to be responsible for our lives, others and the unborn generations.

We will miss:

Sir Eric’s “You good”?

Ever smiling and bubbling Harriet.

Sir Isaac’s, Ok let’s move”.

Rita’s, “Is it ok”?

How can we forget our Matron (Pat) who ensured we had consistent, balanced, three-squared meals every day. Also to our administrator (Gertrude) who made sure our stay was comfortable. We say thank you.

Oh Yes, how can we forget our Head Agronomist Sir Prince!! Noooo, may it be far from us that we do. We are privileged to have come across such a fine gentleman who has challenged us in all aspects to be better people out there.

A way maker you are, for such we are proud to be associated with you. Being here has not been a job to you but an opportunity to impact the lives of young people and we do not see it as a small thing. We say thank you and God richly bless you.

And now to us all students:

Relationships have been birthed, networks and lifetime connections have just begun. We wish ourselves the best as we go out there. Let the world know what we are made of and brighten whichever corner we find ourselves, as we are more than capable. Let us strive for the best.

It may be hard,

But if we cannot fly, we will run.

If we cannot run, we will walk.

If we cannot walk, we will crawl.

But whatever we do, we will keep moving forward.

For God is with us.

God bless Ghana. God bless Agritop God bless us all.

Thank You





(PAC 4B Students)