Agritop’s Knowledge Transfer And The Story Of Nathaniel Zigah.
Author: Agritop Gh
June 20, 2022
Credits: Nathaniel Zigah

This week’s story is about Nathaniel Zigah who is currently in Israel, acquiring unique knowledge in sustainable Agriculture. Nathaniel is a wonderful example of the positive future for Agriculture in Ghana. Agritop is proud to take part in the knowledge transfer process and is dedicated to a continuous collaboration with MOFA. Here is his story:

My name is Nathaniel Zigah. I did my BSc degree in Agriculture from the University of Cape Coast from 2014 to 2018. I studied my most loved research subjects, specifically beneficial microorganisms, soil health and amendments, and Biotic and Abiotic stresses that affect field crop production. Due to my passion for Sustainable Agriculture and Food security, I joined Agritop Ghana Limited -Greenhouse Capacity Building and Training Centre at Bawjiase in the Central region in January 2020. This training on greenhouse vegetable production and irrigation was organized by Agritop Limited and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). During the program, I was groomed by my trainers on scouting and monitoring pests and diseases incidence, damage severity, and their management.

Shortly after the course completion, in April 2020, Agritop Ghana Limited employed me as the assistant farm manager at the commercial farm at Bawjiase. I was tasked to manage the farm’s production operation, including managing the crop health, fertigation scheduling and programming, and management of the nursery, and the hydroponics. During this period, I did extensive research on bio-control based on an IPM model to combat thrips and other insects of tomato and sweet pepper. We also conducted research using the vegetative part of the tomato plant (side shoot) for propagation and the results were fantastic. These experiences helped me to develop relevant skills in conducting field research and demonstration, managing my time effectively, and writing concisely. Thanks to Agritop Ghana Limited for these exposures.

In June 2021, Demeter Ghana Limited a UK Agrochemical and Agro-input dealership company employed me as a field agronomist. My duties were to conduct trials on their input and new products, conduct soil analysis using palintest soil testing kits, and write reports and recommendations on my findings. Other duties included visiting farmers’ fields including greenhouses to scout, monitor, and educate farmers on good agricultural practices and make recommendations and suggestions on their activities. These services of the company were geared toward Agriculture Sustainability.

I have been in Israel for seven months now for an @Agrostudies internship program in practical Agriculture. My practical attachment is at @BioBeesde, an integrated pest solution company in Israel. We are into the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), where we produce sterile male insects such as Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) and false codling moth (Thaumatotibia leucotreta).

I have a strong passion for creating jobs through agricultural innovation, especially crop production on a large scale. In the short run, I look forward to obtaining a Master’s Degree, then with my knowledge, skills, and experience in agriculture, proceed to establish a commercial farm that will employ some youth and contribute to Sustainable Agriculture and food security. I aspire to be an environmental activist where I shall focus on pesticide use and its environmental impact. I will be educating people on the benefits of the environment and its sustenance. As a candidate for global change, I would want to pursue my interest in research in the areas of innovative approaches to IPM of Fruit and Vegetable Crops, plant-soil and water conservation and management, plant breeding, or similar topics, either through a Ph.D. or maybe through research with a government department or an NGO.