Taking A Good View Of Farming- The possible benefits and demands of going into agriculture.
Author: Agritop Gh
June 20, 2022

Farming remains one of the oldest professions anyone can think of. Humans cannot survive without food, thus farmers must always be appreciated.

Today, many people, especially professionals in different fields are being encouraged to go into farming. Some of such professionals, including bankers, doctors, engineers, journalists, etc., are either tired of their boring work, or find farming to be more rewarding than what they currently do. Many of such people do not see our age-old farmers as any good examples to emulate, but still believe they can succeed in farming, especially based on their education and exposure.

The global panoramic view of farming is very alluring. However, let us take note that the little details are what make a great city. A goal cannot be achieved without working on your set objectives.

Investing in farming is great, but take note of the following to avoid disappointment.

·        Seek the Knowledge: As an investor in a farm, get the knowledge on the sector. This can be achieved by attending training, consulting literature, visiting other farms, and through field research, if possible. This gives a general overview of the sector for a better understanding of happenings in due time.

·        Seek an Agronomist: An agronomist is someone specially trained to take care of crops. This is the person’s profession or expertise developed through education and experience. It is important to work with an agronomist with a practical track record and not just a beautiful CV. Get an agronomist who is willing to help your farm business succeed, and thus exhibits a positive attitude.

·        Seek your inputs: For every production, there are required inputs that can bring you success. It is important to assess your environment to be sure that the necessary inputs, including seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides are available for your production.

Seek the land: Land is a major component of crop production. The history of the land is important to inform the type of crop and other production activities. It is important to secure the land, to avoid any future challenges. It is always best to have a source of water on the land acquired for farming.

·        Seek the tools/machines: In today’s technological farming era, most of the activities must be done with tools or machines in order to be efficient. This reduces drudgery in farming and makes commercial sense. The machines may be purchased or hired for the farm activities.

·        Seek your market: The biggest mistake many farmers make is to produce without a buyer. This may lead to reduced prices or spoilage. It is always recommended to produce for a particular market, based on specifications on variety, size, color, and other parameters that consumers may demand. Every farmer must conduct a market survey before getting into the production season.

Seek patience: Many invest in farming, expecting quick profits. That can certainly not be the case. Depending on the type of crop, whether perennial or annual, it may take time to see meaningful outcomes or profits. With time, and as things pick up steadily, the rewards are worth the wait, as it can become the main job, rather than a side job.

Farming is a great venture that pays very well if done in the proper way. However, we cannot go into it blindly. Many have wasted their investment because they did not “think” of these before planting. Do not repeat such mistakes. Seek wise counsel before going into any farming venture.