Author: Agritop Gh
February 24, 2020

The Government of Ghana, through the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA), is engaged with the Israeli Government to send graduates of Agriculture to Israel for an eleven-month paid internship program. The program in Israel is managed by the Agrostudies institution, whilst it is facilitated in Ghana by Agritop Limited. Beneficiaries qualify for this program after successfully graduating from a three-month intensive training in vegetable production using greenhouse technology. These trainings take place in the three greenhouse villages of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, located at Dawhenya, Akumadan and Bawjiase.

Israeli Agriculture is regarded as one of the best in the world. With modern technologies which are able to churn out best results, students on this internship program are attached to farms in order to learn and gain experience in best practices. Additionally, beneficiaries attend lectures to learn about modern agriculture and finally graduate from the program with a Diploma.

The program started in 2018/2019 with the first batch of 50 candidates. They were very successful in the program and impressed heads of the various farms they were assigned to. Out of about 1600 participants of the program from different parts of the world, a Ghanaian earned the honour of delivering the valedictory speech during their graduation. Upon their return to Ghana, another 71 candidates were sent as the second batch for 2019/2020. The first batch, who returned home are in various stages of setting up their farm ventures, mainly through groups. It is anticipated that they will fully establish their farms, with support from government, and start making a living out of Agriculture.

Due to the success stories of Ghanaians involved in this program, the future looks promising for Agricultural graduates in Ghana. The solid foundation for the Ghanaians mainly stems from the strict and disciplined training offered by Agritop Limited at the three greenhouse villages of MoFA. The additional eleven months in Israel builds beneficiaries in character for hard work in farming. The youth are the future of Ghana’s Agriculture. This program is gradually attracting many of them into Agriculture because the sector looks very promising.